5 Best City for Property Investment in Asia

Singapore, London, New York are three of metropolitan cities in the world that offers a paradise for the bourgeoisie to hunt property investments, such as real estate.

But do you know if the other cities in Asia have a myriad of opportunities for those who want to buy real estate?

I have gathered some of the best areas in Asia that can be considered as the best place to invest based on market trends, infrastructure development, and attractive commercial, as well as the residential prospect.

1. Colombo, Sri Lanka

colombo srilanka the best city for investment property asia

The largest city and commercial center are undergoing a massive transformation. Skyscrapers have graced the city of Colombo in the last five years.

This is undoubted can attract domestic and international investors. The economy and infrastructure in Sri Lanka are growing rapidly and trigger the occurrence of migration to Colombo.

Some rich people in Sri Lanka flocked crowding the city of Colombo after the expiration of the civil war that catapulted the demand for luxury housing and affordable prices.

2. Surabaya, Indonesia

surabaya indonesia the best city in asia for property investment

City of Heroes also became the target of investors to hunt for real estate property. The economic growth in Surabaya exceeded the average growth of the national economy in figures 7.6 percent.

This achievement encourages the strengthening of the retail sector, the infrastructure that helped boost foreign investment in the country.

The local government of Surabaya continues to improve the western and eastern sides of the City with different access. Don’t be surprised if Surabaya became attractive to investors. According to the Chief of police, Surabaya is one of the safest cities in Indonesia, so it is worth to invest in your dwelling.

3. Faisalabad, Pakistan

Faisalabad best city in pakistan for real estate investment

The third largest metropolitan city of Pakistan is experiencing the growth of economic development progress in the Country. Faisalabad recorded as the sharpest increase in the industrial sector which gave vast opportunities for investors.

The reputation of this city as the hub of the most substantial textile industry became very attractive for investors to expand business in Pakistan.

The price of local commercial property in the city has increased from 40 percent to 45 percent in the last three years. With a strategic location as well as the distance of the international airport only 15 km from the heart of the city, make Faisalabad is easily accessible.

4. Irbid, Jordan

irbid the best city for investment property in jordan

Investment in Jordan concentrated in real estate, service, financial and tourism. The city with the third largest population has many characteristics that became the allure of real estate investors.

The Jordanian capital has many universities, including Yarmouk University, the University of Science and Technology of Jordan, and some business connected with this institution. Irbid also is a transport hub for Amman, Syria, and Mafraq.

5. Chittagong, Bangladesh

Chittagong the city in bangladesh to invest in property bussiness

As the center of commercial, industrial and financial in the South of Bangladesh, Chittagong has many advantages for investors. The location is very strategic, next to Myanmar and India. Transportation network connected to each other to facilitate the development of the local industries.

The construction planning to connecting the road from Chittagong to Kunming, southwest China, via Cox’s Bazar and Myanmar, will further strengthen the economic corridor, trade, and infrastructure in the region. Other bonuses, the middle class are growing in Chittagong so that it can sustain the economic growth of both local and national.

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