The Key Factors That Get Your Home Sold

Selling a property is a process that can be reduced to a number of factors. In fact, there are five key ones to consider.

If you have never sold your home before, it can be a bit of complex process. Simply put, where do you start? Do you just pick any old price and list it? Well, you can. It may sell, but it may not. A better approach is to analyze a few key factors that contribute to every property sale.

The Key Factors That Get Your Home Sold

Condition ? The first factor is the condition of your property. A house is something to be lived in. This means issues of wear and tear are going to arise. Before listing your home for sale, make sure you get it as close to pristine condition as possible. Do some painting and landscaping. Check carpets and windows. How about the fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen? Cleaning all of these up can go a long way to enticing a buyer to make an offer.

Location and Market ? The location of your home is something you obviously cannot change. You might be in an excellent area, but you might also be in a less than stellar one. Regardless, the key to selling your home is to understand the pricing of homes in your immediate area. Once you have the range down, price your home within the market according to its quality compared to the others for sale.

Marketing ? Once you decide to sell a property, you need to make a mental adjustment. The property is no longer the place your family lives. It is a product. This means you need to market it. Get an online listing. Put it in the local MLS. Hold open houses. List it in the classified of the local paper. Tell people you are selling it. You can?t over market it!

Pricing ? Pricing is the area where most sellers have problems. The first step is to find out what other homes in your local area of have been selling for over the past three months. The next step is to find out what homes are current listed at. You need to know these numbers intimately because potential buyers will. Now compare your home to the pool of homes you have. Where does it fall in relation to size, condition and so on? Now compare the price of the homes a bit better and worse. Your price should be somewhere in the middle.

Selling a home is primarily a matter of preparation. If you prepare correctly, you should be able to move it even in a relatively slow market.

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